About Me

By Jacob Goodwin
At Yosemite with some trekking poles to keep me from overly wearing my gimpy knees.


I enjoy a little of everything, though sadly there is never enough time to do it all, even if I were to quit my job. Many of my interests include:


I am a Mormon. Thus, I have devoted a page on this blog to my religious thoughts. I hope many readers can enjoy these thoughts, even if they agree with very little of it.

While I would never force my ideas on anyone, one will not understand me without understanding some of my basic beliefs. You can see my blog articles at the following link: Beliefs.


I am trained as an Electrical Engineer, specifically in RF and microwave circuits with an emphasis on antenna simulation, design, and testing. I currently work as an application engineer for a computational electromagnetics company (yes, that is actually a job, though perhaps I could have never dreamed it up as a child).

I have previously worked for multiple government contractors, focusing mainly on design and testing of advanced microwave electronics.

I hold a BS in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis and an MS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.

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