Alamere Falls Hike

By Jacob Goodwin

I went with a couple of friends to Alamere Falls in Marin County on Saturday, March 21st. It was a nice reunion with my current roommate, and with my former roommate and hiking buddy.

Hike Description

The hike is not particularly rigorous, but plenty long to make one feel like they have gotten some exercise. The trail is also a pleasant mix of exposed hillsides and wooded sections. You will pass a few lakes and streams on the route. You will get amazing views of the ocean if you go on a day like we did. And you will hear rabble-rousing youth making a ruckus on the Bass Lake rope swing.

Though much of the trail is fire road, these roads do not appear frequently traversed by vehicle. And in some sections, I imagine even a small jeep would have an interesting go of it. Thus for hiking, the trail feels a lot less miserable than many of the East Bay fire roads I have grown accustomed to (which are extremely exposed and extremely steep!).

I wanted to avoid mentioning this, but I’ll be straight with you. The final decent is steep and on loose sand, but take your time and you will make it down to the beach just fine and dandy. How else would you get to the bottom of a waterfall cascading off a cliff into the ocean. OK OK, perhaps by taking a more circuitous route, but ain’t nobody got time for that!

I will refer you to other posts for precise information on the length of the hike, but I would guess it’s approximately 4 miles each way. Google Maps has a pretty decent map of the trail.

I hope you’ll get to take this hike soon. Feel free to hit me up, and maybe we can go together!