Big Basin in the Spring Rain

By Jacob Goodwin

I hadn’t been to Big Basin State Park since August, 2013. That, of course, was late in the summer after a fairly dry winter.

Since there was a nice spring rain overnight, I decided to go check out the waterfalls at Big Basin while there was some serious runoff. I intended to take the Sunset, Berry Creek Falls, and Skyline-to-Sea loop, however the Berry Creek Trail and the Sunset Trail west of the Timms Creek Trail were closed from storm damage. And since I am a rule abiding fella, I was only able to see Berry Creek Falls.

Berry Creek Falls was as good as I had hoped from the outset, and you can see the difference in the falls three years ago versus today.

Berry Creek Falls today, April 9, 2016
Berry Creek Falls in August, 2013

Either way, it was pleasant to get out and do a longer hike (around 10 miles), and to see the vast amount of water coming down the hillsides, the little streams forming into creeks.

I did have one mishap along the Skyline-to-Sea at a point where the trail had washed out and became tricky to navigate. Let’s just say it was a sad day for my hiking poles.

I guess I put a little too much force on my hiking poles.

And before I forget, Timms Creek Trail was bustling with little newt critters (or something similar) crossing the trail. I couldn’t get any good photos, though. I shouldn’t have packed my camera in my backpack.

One of many newts I saw that was crossing Timms Creek Trail.