Ranker Tutorial

A Youtube tutorial where I build a "realtime," ranked-choice voting application with NestJS, Typescript, and Socket-IO for websocket communication.

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Completed full-stack memorization application that is the basis for my current Youtube and tutorial. The application features multiple services and events-driven communication between them with Google Cloud PubSub. The app runs behind a Traefik reverse proxy with all services running in Docker Containers.

Nuxt Ghost Starter

A starter project for building a server-side rendered or statically generated site from Ghost blog data

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A dead-🤬-simple store based on Vue's built-in reactivity built with Typescript

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IESD Spark

Student and teacher portal for Inland Empire Software Developers organization

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Smith Plot

Single-page application written with D3.js and Vue for plotting and comparing RF-network measurement data

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Store Employee and Inventory Manager

A work-in-progress full-stack application for managing employees and product inventory. The application is built with modern React and Apollo Client on the front end. The back end is a GraphQL server built with Go and leveraging Postgres for data and Redis as a session cache.


A REST API built with the Echo Framework for Golang. It implements MongoDB and Google Cloud Storage

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Upload Stream with Akka and Google Cloud

An Akka Actor System Representing an IOT system. The repository contains a publishing client which publishes messages to PubSub telling the actor system to record or upload a file to Google Cloud for a particular IOT device. Then the subscription application receives the message from PubSub, and prompts that device to either record its data or to upload its data to Google Cloud Storage.

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Node module, written in Typescript, for parsing RF measurement data into a Network class

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Gatsby Portfolio

This fine portfolio page built with Gatsby JS

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JSNG - Ghost Blog Theme

Handlebars-templated theme written for the Ghost blogging platform

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